Month: June 2021

Microsoft, Qualcomm create Windows on ARM

dev kit.png

Major Highlights-

  • Microsoft partners with Qualcomm to launch a Windows on ARM-based developer’s kit.
  • The initiative will encourage the developers to to build ARM64 apps for Snapdragon-based PCs on affordable deals.

Qualcomm in partnership with Microsoft has announced to come up with a Windows on ARM-based dev kit. This will enable the developers to make a purchase at the Microsoft Store this summer. It will be a reasonably priced miniature PC that’s built to encourage the developers to build ARM64 apps for Snapdragon-based PCs.

Initially, the devices like the Surface Pro X were purchased and used by the developers to test their ARM64 apps on Windows. The price of Surface Pro X starts from $999 and up, which makes the practice an expensive deal for the developers. The two partners haven’t yet decided the price for this miniature system, and have assured to sell it for affordable prices for the developers to buy it without having to check on their wallets.

Miguel Nunes of Qualcomm has his say as the developer kit offering a reasonable option to any other commercial devices. The kit has a smaller desktop configuration providing the developers more flexibility than the notebooks at a cheaper cost.

Qualcomm has already unveiled its second-generation Snapdragon 7c ARM-powered processor prior to the announcement to launch the developer kit. This processor has come into existence for entry-level Windows PCs and Chromebooks.

This recently announced developer kit will allow the developers to test Microsoft’s new x64 app emulation for Windows on ARM. This kit underwent testing for Windows in December 2020. With this, the users can access 64-bit apps in which ARM-based devices are yet to be assembled. It’s provided with an emulation layer to get an entire mass of app compatibility to Windows on ARM, on being accessible to the users.

The Build 2021 session named “What’s new for Windows desktop application developers” has been ascertained by Microsoft and Qualcomm, the partners, to disclose further details concerning the developer’s kit announced today.

Switch introduced with Famicom Detective Club


Nintendo Switch is the great medium to enjoy the murder mystery story, sitting comfortably at your home. The Nintendo tablet owners have enjoyed series like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Murder By Numbers allowing you to play a game around any corner of your house.

Famicom Detective Club, the 80s game, has recently been introduced to the switch with two of its titles released on 14th May. The titles recently added include The Missing Heir and a prequel called The Girl Who Stands Behind. These games have been made to look new, while they initially belong to 1988 and 1989 respectively.

One can see the enhancements and makeover provided to these games with the detailed background settings and the vivaciously beautified characterization. These drastic changes brought to the otherwise famous original game featuring plain black menus and moderately simple pixel art.

Marking its debut in the English language on Nintendo Switch, this is a 30-year-old game that certainly turns out to be amazingly great with respect to its age.

The setting involves the plot with the matriarch of the rich Japanese family dead in mysterious circumstances. The butler of this family hires a player to examine the matter and solve the mystery. The story unfolds to be a dispute among the sibling to acquire the control of their business, while a titular character and the right heir of the property. It also includes the outsiders, the villagers who believe the family to be cursed.

The game is full of twists with more than one person’s death that the player needs to investigate throughout the game. The game has been described as a visual novel in which you interact with the game characters to find the clues related to the murder mysteries you are trying to solve.

This 1980’s game doesn’t seem like one as such nail-biting twists, the portrayal of the characters and the unfurling of the plot will get you to the edge of your chairs.